James Niels Skousen's Genealogy

What's New (past 30 days)


A small new illustrated book has just been published about James Niels Skousen - Danish Determination.
The first 20 pages are illustrated for children.  There are 39 more pages with the full story and pictures.
This 8 x 8 book is a treasure.  It is being sold at cost by the author, Marilyn "Mimi" Murdock.
See sample pages on the publisher's website, www.tellmetheirstories.com. Order your copies online on that website:
   Click, "Order from Author"
If you have questions or want to contact Mimi, call 801-318-9962 or email  ancestorbooksbymimi@gmail.com
If you want to provide or find a pick up location in your area, contact Mimi. She & George live in Midway, Utah.